Glassworks Residences

89 Type Street

Where modernity and heritage combine to create cool and luxurious residential living.  Glassworks - a statement of cutting-edge design in the heart of Richmond.

Built from the foundations of a former artisanal factory, so much of Richmond’s strong industrial roots are found reverberating through the core of this unique project. Given the moniker ‘Glassworks’ in homage to the former manufacturing performed on the site, the name also captures the rich sense of craftsmanship that has helped in shaping the local culture. 

Originally constructed in the early 1870s, the site was commissioned by the Australian Glass Company as a response to Australia’s rapidly growing demand for localised manufacturing.  In an effort to build a sound and skilled workforce, the team was led by a specialised glassblower expressly brought over from England to teach and develop the craft, benefiting Richmond’s growing industrial aptitude. Incredibly successful, the company saw a continued profit that extended into the latter part of the century, which was reflected in the site itself, with the property steadily increasing in value and receiving considerable additions to the premises that allowed for expansion.

On the fold of the CBD, Richmond has for generations been at the forefront of shaping the direction of the city and its cultural milieu. While today we witness suburbs that once attempted to cloak their blue collar roots try and rediscover the relics of their past, Richmond has always proudly worn the emblems of its industrial incarnations on its metaphorical sleeve.

Glassworks is specifically designed to appeal to a broad demographic seeking privacy and space, but with the convenience and lifestyle of the inner city. The opportunities of having a home office, up to three bedrooms, superb entertainment facilities, fabulous views and secure off street parking for up to two cars, provides a unique chance to have an individual new home able to cater for your specific needs whether you are single, a couple or a family.

Architecturally designed by Miceli Oldfield Sinton Architects, with interiors by Studio Tate.

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